7 Days To Lose Weight

7 Days To Lose Weight

                If are looking for the ways to lose weight, we would like to recommend you about food for seven days. The first day, you should eat fresh fruit because it will adjust your body. You can choose which fruit you like except banana. You should drink water 8-12 glasses with fruit. For the second day is vegetable. We recommend bean, carrot, cucumber, cabbage without using oil. The third day, vegetable and fruit but you have to avoid potato and banana. You should start eating the fruit for breakfast, vegetable for lunch, and fruit for dinner. The fourth day, banana and milk together. You can eat 8-10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk for all days. In the fourth day, you may feel a little bit hungry but you can organize your meal. For the fifth day is tomato with rice.

                 You can consume rice for lunch and 7-8 tomatoes and drink more water. In the sixth day, you can have a plate of rice for lunch but for the rest meal you have to eat vegetable as a main course. For the last day, you have to eat rice, vegetable, and fruit juice because it will help to detox from your body. If you can follow the suggestion above, you will lose weight 4-5 kilograms.

Clean Pizza
Clean Pizza

                  Moreover, it will improve digestive system and brighten your skin. It is an easy way to lose weight and make you healthy. Even you control your meal, you still have to exercise. For example, you can bike a bicycle. It will help your legs get smaller and you can do in your free time. Firstly, you have to stretch your muscle to protect your body from getting hurt. Secondly, warm your body by adjust your seat and start biking slowly around five minutes. When you get into the sixth minutes, you have to bike faster. If you do like this everyday, you will have healthy body.

  Reference : https://www.ovolva.com/วิธีลดความอ้วน-7-วัน-8-กิโลกรัม-ทำได้อย่างไร-ไปดูกัน/a23.html


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